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Wildwood Police Department Recruitment Plan

The Wildwood Police Department is committed to hiring the most qualified officers to represent our agency that is tasked with providing police services to a historic shore resort community and attraction destination.  To ensure that we are receiving the best applicants to fill these vital public safety positions and to build trust in our diverse community and visitors, we have diligently looked to improve our recruitment efforts.  These efforts include reaching out to underrepresented genders and race demographics to assure that we are an equal opportunity police department. 


The Wildwood Police Department completes an annual report of Diversity in Law Enforcement Recruitment and Hiring.  This report is annually submitted to the Cape May County Prosecutors Office to ensure compliance with all state directives regarding our recruitment and hiring efforts.  The Wildwood Police Department is also regulated by the State of New Jersey under the Civil Service Commission in regards to the hiring of Full Time Sworn Law Enforcement Officers. 


All of our eligible applicants are required to complete an interview, a thorough background investigation, a physical fitness test, as well as both a psychological and medical examination.  For further information see our list of strategies below and the link to our Annual Report of Diversity in Law Enforcement Recruitment:


  • Advertise employment opportunities at the Cape May County Police Academy and additional municipal police academies throughout the State of New Jersey.

  • Attend High School and College job fairs in New Jersey and Pennsylvania in order to attract more applicants.

  • Post hiring announcements on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and our department’s website.

  • Review our internal positions of Class 2 and Class 1 Officers and mentor these officers to become full time police officers of our department.

  • Utilize employment seeking websites such Police App to provide access online to complete an application.

  • Creation of a recruitment video that shows the extent of our diverse department and our community out-reach efforts.  WATCH NOW!

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